– Pricing

All items are charged by the Rental Period (1 day, 1 Week, 4 Weeks, etc.) as shown on your contract. Customers are charged for the rental Item while in your possession, whether it is used or not. We charge for time in possession, not time used …so please bring back equipment promptly! There will be no extensions for weather delays, so plan accordingly!

– Rental Requirements

Renter will be required to provide a valid Driver’s License and either a Credit or Debit card for the rental amount at time of reservation or rental. If the rental goes past the specified rental period, the card will be charged accordingly. Cash may be used as deposit or payment in some situations. Please ask your Rental Representative for details.

– Customer Responsibilities

Renter assumes responsibility for equipment rented from time received until the time of return. Rental equipment is to be returned clean and free from damage or excessive wear. We charge full replacement cost for missing rental items or accessories, and charge for repair of any damaged items. All necessary permits, licenses, public & private utility marking is the renter’s responsibility; Jackson Rents And Supply, Inc. accepts no responsibility.

– Reservations

All rented equipment can be reserved ahead of with payment on a debit or credit card at the time of reservation. You can change the date of pickup, if equipment is available for the new date, without incurring the cancellation fee if you call 48 hours before the scheduled pickup time.

– Delivery/Pickup Charges

These services are available Monday – Friday 7 am to 3 pm. Pricing available upon request. Delivery is curbside drop-off and pickup.

– Cleaning Charges

Rental equipment must be returned clean ( no excessive mud/dirt on tractors, concrete rinsed out of mixers, paint rinsed out of paint supplies, etc.) or cleaning charges will be assessed.

– Interval

On top of the rental charges, some pieces of equipment will have an additional usage charge, see Contract for details. On metered pieces of equipment, you are allowed the following: 8 hours per 24 day, 40 hours per 7 day week and 160 hours per 28 day month. If meter exceeds the allowed hours, additional hourly rates will apply.

– Problems/Issues with Equipment

If you were to experience any issues with the equipment while in your possession, you must contact Jackson Rents And Supply, Inc. as soon as possible. If during business hours, we will work with you to get the problem resolved, or equipment exchanged. If after hours, leave a message on our voicemail detailing the problem, and we will contact you as soon as we open the following business day.